Things I like..

This week’s writing inspiration is ‘Writing a List’. I have decided to create two posts for this starting off with the simpler one which is to write the list of things I like.

I have set a 10 minute-timer for this activity and just jotted down anything that came across my mind. Here it goes.

➳ Traveling

➳ Movies

➳ Books

➳ Chocolates

➳ Writing

➳ Photography

➳ Learning

➳ Walking

➳ Dogs

➳ Long sleep

➳ Alone time

➳ Beef

➳ Mangoes

➳ Trying new things

➳ Music

➳ Warm baths

➳ Hoodies

I would have happily went on with the list if it wasn’t for my phone beeping , telling me that the time is up. I realized, it is so easy to lose track of time and to forget about all the negativities around you when you put your focus on the things that give you all the good feelings.

Going over the list I just made reminds me that there are a lot of things, simple things, that instantly put me in a good mood. This list can definitely come in handy on days when it seems so hard for me to find the good about anything.

P.S.: I can’t help it. 10 minutes’ up but I have to add these last three on this list .

➳ hugs

➳ cold weather

➳ smell of old books

↬ J.

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