Taking the leap βžΆ

After I had my first taste of travel at 23, I’ve been wanting to write about the funny, exciting and sometimes uneasy things I experienced during that vacation and the travels following it. Seeing stuff for the first time, almost losing a luggage, getting lost , meeting new people and realizing how big and wonderful this world is – I wanted to write all about them but was too scared to share it because let’s face it, the online world is messy and it’s not the friendliest place there is. Post something and you get judged for what you believe in or for your bad grammar.

Then.. just last week, I came across this Lao Tzu quote :

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.

Also, I read somewhere that for you to become better at something, you have to create and share it. Publish what you created so that people may read it and give you a feedback on how you can improve it.

So I have decided to create this little online corner I can call mine where I can write and share anything I feel like sharing; thoughts, photos and anything under the sun.

Confronting fear is never easy. I think we can all agree to that. But it is in facing and overcoming our fears that we become better versions of ourselves. In my case, this lets me do the things that interest me – writing and taking photos. So here it is, me trying to crush this fear one post at a time. ☻


Published by Judz

Odd.. in the most wondrous ways.

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